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Animals & Foul

Article 1 - General Regulations

8.0101 CRUELTY: No person shall cruelly treat any animal in the city in any way; any person who inhumanly beats, underfeeds, overloads, or abandons any animal shal be deemed guilty of a violation of this section.

8.0102 DANGEROUS ANIMALS: It shall be unlawful to permit any dangerous animal or vicious animal of any kind to run at large within the city; exhibitions or parades of animals which are ferse naturae in the eyes of the law may be conducted only upon securing a permit from the chief of police.

8.0103 NOISES: It shall be unlawful to harbor or keep any animals which disturb the peace by loud noises at any time of the day or night.

8.0104 STRAYS: It shall be unlawful to permit any cattle, horses, sheep, swine, goats, or poultry to run at large in the city; any such animal running at large in any public place in the city shall be impounded. It shall further be unlawful to picket or tie any such animal in any of the streets of the city for the purpose of grazing or feeding.

8.0105 KILLING DANGEROUS ANIMALS: The members of the police department or any other person in the city, are authorized to kill any dangerous animals of any kind when it is necessary for the protection of any person or property.

8.0106 DISEASED ANIMALS: No domestic animal afflicted with a contagious or infectious disease shall be allowed to run at large, or to be exposed in any public place whereby the health of man or beast may be affected; nor shall such diseased animal be shipped or removed from the premises of the owner thereof, except under the supervision of the chief of police.

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Article 2 - Dogs

8.0201 DEFINITIONS: For the purpose of this article the following words and phrases shall have the meanings respectfully subscribed to them by this section:

1. "At large" shall mean off the premises of the owner or keeper and notunder the control of the owner or a member of his family or the keeper of the animal.

2. "Dog" includes any animal of the canine family, both male and female.

3. "Owner" shall mean any person owning, keeping or harboring a dog.

8.0202 LICENSED REQUIRED: No dog shall be permitted to be or remain in the city without being licensed as hereinafter provided. No license or renewal license shall be issued for a dog over six months of age unless it has been innoculated against rabies.

8.0203 LICENSED FEES: All dogs kept in the city shall be registered with the city auditor. At the time of such registration the owner shall obtain a license for such dog, good until December 31st of the year in which it was purchased, and shall pay a fee of two dollars for a male dog and a fee of three dollars for a female dog. It shall be the duty of the owner to cause such license tag to be securely attached around the dog's neck and kept there at all times during the license period.

8.0204 DOGS RUNNING AT LARGE: No owner or keeper of a dog shall permit such dog to run at large at any time upon the streets, public places, public ways, school grounds or upon the private premises of any other person.

8.0205 NUISANCE - WHEN: Any dog is hereby declared a public nuisance within the city which shall:.

  1. Snap at, attack, or chase any person or vehicle;
  2. By loud and frequent yelping, barking or howling, annoy any person;
  3. Have bitten any person within the city while the person bitten was not at the time of the biting trespassing on the property of the owner or keeper of the dog or doing damage or injury to the person or property of such owner or keeper;
  4. If a female dog be in heat;
  5. Destroy any property not the property of the owner or keeper;
  6. Not have been inoculated against rabies, if over six (6) months of age;
  7. Not having a collar and license tag as required by this article.

8.0206 FEMALE DOGS IN HEAT: All female dogs shall be kept in confinement while in heat.

8.0207 IMPOUNDMENT GENERALLY: It shall be the duty of every police officer, or such other person as designated by the city.