Dunn Center City Council

The population was 146 at the 2010 census.

City Council

The City of Dunn Center is controlled by a five-person city council that includes a mayor and four voting council members.  The mayor only votes to break a tie vote by the four other council members.  

The city council meets every second Thursday of the month at 6:00 PM for their regularly scheduled meetings.  Special meetings are called on an as-needed basis and all meetings are publicly noticed in the Dunn County Herald newspaper.  

Currently, the planning, zoning, and subdivision applications are reviewed by the City Engineer and they make a formal recommendation to the city council for their consideration.

Additional specific information on elected officials and city staff is as follows:

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City Maintenance Members

  • Loren DeWhirst

City Council Members

  • Mayor - Larry Pavlenko
  • Council Member - Shasta Blackford
  • Council Member - Larry Kittilson
  • Council Member - Colton Medley
Dunn Center Council Members

City Council Meeting Minutes